Where To Buy a Laser Engraving Machine

There are many options out there to purchase new laser engraving machines.  This list includes diode lasers, CO2 lasers, and Fiber lasers.  See our article on which type of laser should I buy for more info. 

Buy CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Boss Laser – Sanford, FL

Boss Laser was established in 2012 and offer a full line of CO2 and Fiber Lasers ranging from Entry Level to Industrial models.  They offer financing / leasing options.

Epilog Laser – Golden, CO

Epilog was started in 1988 and offers a full line of CO2 and Fiber Lasers ranging from Entry Level to Industrial models. They offer financing / leasing options.

Orion Motor Tech – Import With Local Distribution

Orion Motor Tech is a popular vendor on Amazon for laser engravers.  They only offer CO2 lasers.  They have distribution in the United States so you don’t have to worry about customs, duties, etc. and you have the buyer assurance from Amazon to back up your purchase.  These lasers can be 25% of the price of a US company but offer zero support.  We have found the quality to be decent and there are many support groups on Facebook of folks that have these machines.

AP Laser – Lansing MI

AP Laser was established in 2008 they offer a full line of lasers including CO2 and Fiber.  AP Laser also offers an open system that allows for larger bulkier items to be engrave.

Trotec Laser – Plymouth, MI

Trotec was originally founded in Wels, Austria in 1997 and established in the United States in Mississippi in 2002. Now headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan.  Trotec offers a full line of CO2 and Fiber Lasers ranging from Entry Level to Industrial models including custom built laser machines for your applications.

Full Spectrum Laser – Las Vegas, NVDSP Laser Controller

Full Spectrum Laser offers a full line of lasers including CO2 and Fiber. Full Spectrum offers financing / leasing options for buyers.

Laguna Tools – Irvine, CA and Columbia, SC

Laguna Tools offers a full line of CO2 and Fiber lasers.    Laguna makes a full line of wood working and metal tools and machines.

Thunder Laser USA – Quitman, TX

Thunder Laser offers a line of CO2 lasers and offers financing.

Glowforge – Seattle, WA

Glowforge offers an entry level CO2 laser (40 and 45 watt models).  They offer financing.


Other Places To Buy A Laser

As you might expect there are many more places to purchase a laser engraving machine.  Places like Alibab, eBay and even Wal-mart.com offers laser machines.  There could be some issues with importing direct from China and other places.  We have tried to focus on reliable sources in the United States for this article.  Drop us a line if you know of others we should consider for our list.

Be sure and check here on Machine Rocket for used laser engraving machines.  Often times a company outgrows a machine because of it’s size and need larger machines.  That becomes a perfect opportunity to grab up a machine to get started.